What We Do


We've learned that the search for best practices and local knowledge begins inside your organization. Using an industry-leading methodology based on more than a decade of experience and award-winning research, GMP can help your organization:
1.) Identify specific leaders and individual contributors within your organization who "walk the talk" and translate the organization's values into business success;
2.) Thoroughly document and capture what it is about these individuals that succeeds within your organization in a clear and replicable way; and
3) Develop and implement an effective plan to share these best practices across your organization.
This isn't another attempt to tell you what your values should be. This is a method to determine what your values are, and how individual stand-out performers can help to align and reinforce these values.


Grey Matter Partners develops customized leadership solutions for our clients ranging from individual coaching, team-building events and off-sites to organization-wide training programs. We've worked with hundreds of leaders to refine their ability to drive toward effective results. We have a long track-record of partnership with our clients not just to provide leadership "events" but to provide service and counsel on sustainable internal leadership development. Our goal at the beginning of any leadership development engagement is to design a process that builds internal capacity and to manage ourselves to measurable and specific program goals.


Organizations are like communities –– each with different norms and different ways of getting things done. We understand these differences and work with our clients to assess and develop individual leaders, organizations, and the broader culture. We have detailed and specific methodologies to achieve organizational change, but are experienced enough to adapt these methodologies to meet your specific needs. Our services include internal talent assessment and development, succession planning and organizational change, and assistance to organizations involved in merger and acquisition activity.


We know that senior leadership roles are different –– not just in degree but in kind. We are experienced partners for senior executives, with a comprehensive understanding of senior-leadership team dynamics, talent and succession planning for C-suite executives, and Board dynamics. We combine extensive experience with a fresh perspective for our senior executive clients, and are proud of the services that we are able to provide in this regard.