Grey Matter Partners acknowledges its obligation to conduct business in a way that is socially responsible.

This takes a number of specific forms in our company including:

  1. Carbon Neutrality — GMP's clients have operations all over the world and our consultants spend a great deal of time on airplanes and in cars. As a company, we have calculated the carbon emissions for this and all other corporate activity and purchase carbon offsets for all of our employees.
  2. Economic Stewardship — GMP is a proud sponsor of KIVA, the global leader in crowd-sourced micro-finance. We are deeply committed to a sustainable model of global prosperity and provide both corporate sponsorship and unlimited matching donations on the part of our broader team of consultants.  
  3. Gender Equity in Technology —  GMP’s consultants have worked with such pioneering organizations as NCWIT (The National Center for Women in Technology), Catalyst, and have been speakers and facilitators at the Anita Borg Institute’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Our company is strongly supportive of efforts to provide opportunities for women pursuing careers in science and technology.
  4. “Grass-Roots” social change — GMP provides a matching donation of $5,000 per year for all consultants for non-profit (501 (c) 3) organizations and supports pro-bono work for a variety of organizations and causes. We acknowledge what we take to be our opportunity and obligation to foster positive change in a rapidly changing world.