Joe Ruffini , Senior Consultant

Joe Ruffini

Senior Consultant

Joe is a Senior Consultant at Grey Matter Partners.  Prior to joining the organization, Joe has over twenty-five years of experience in corporate, governmental, and military leadership with an emphasis in command and operations. He served with distinction in the US Army, concluding his career at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  In that capacity, Joe commanded both armored and armored cavalry units in the United States and for the British Army.  His other experience includes command of United States Space Surveillance Center and an executive consultant supporting the White House National Security Council.   

After his military experience, Joe continues to be an influential presence in dynamic intelligence and threat assessment in a variety of corporate and governmental sectors.  He brings a seasoned and grounded voice to crisis communications and response, and is a recognized global expert on organizational stability, crisis management, and real-time scenario assessment. 

Joe lives in Severn, Maryland with his wife Pat, who everyone at Grey Matter acknowledges to be awesome.